Isla Vista is nearing a period of unparalleled growth and development that promises to change the face of this beachside community for years to come. From the closure of beloved record stores to the incinerated Bank of America building, I.V. continually reinvents itself. Yet, the creation and implementation of the 736-page-long Isla Vista Master Plan will encourage an entirely new change. It changes zoning codes, gives I.V. a downtown facelift and updates parks and roadways throughout I.V. to streamline transportation.

The I.V. Project Area Committee will review the IVMP today, and if it is approved, the project will go before the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors for final consideration. The latter decision, in addition to one made by the California Coastal Commission, could result in new two- to three-story buildings in I.V. as well as a refurbished soccer field and a new skate park.

Plastic Surgery for Pardall

One of the most prominent ideas in the IVMP is a publicly funded facelift for the “downtown” I.V. area. This plan would connect Pardall Road to Anisq’ Oyo’ Park with a passageway known as a “paseo,” which acts as a walkway for pedestrians. This facelift would establish Anisq’ Oyo’ as both a central point and corridor between apartments and marketplaces in I.V. The plan provides Pardall with widened sidewalks and bike lanes to encourage pedestrian access and safe bicycling.

The IVMP also aims to revamp the fa