The Associated Students Finance Board emptied its coffers at its final meeting of the 2006-07 year last night, allocating $66,913.28 among 26 organizations.

During the four-hour meeting, the board heard 28 presentations from student groups. Members provided partial funding to all the groups present except the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and the UCSB Sailing Team. The board also liquidated $29,510.85 from unused resources such as the culture week and first year council grants to reach its $66,913.28 total in unallocated funds, Finance Board Chair Nick Szamet said.

Among the groups funded were the National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation at UCSB and the Residence Hall Send-Off Dance.

Board members fully funded the NCEMSF with $8,200 to purchase gurneys and radios. The organization works in conjunction with Rescue 7, the EMS provider for UCSB and Isla Vista, to promote emergency preparedness.

UCSB’s NCEMSF President Iris Gonzales said due to safety concerns stemming from the Virginia Tech shooting on April 16, the UCSB community should acquire additional emergency supplies.

“Virginia Tech has brought a lot of attention to emergency resources, so financial support from A.S. would be greatly appreciated and much needed,” Gonzales said.

Some board members said the financial burden of safety items should fall on the university, not students.

“I think the school should somehow subsidize this,” proxy J.P. Primeau said. “It just kind of pisses me off that we have to pay for this.”

However, board member Paige Blatt said she felt the group still deserved funding because of its value to the community.

“It’s annoying we have to take the burden on, but if no one else is going to do it, it is saving lives,” Blatt said.

After discussion, the board fully funded the organization with consent.

The Residence Hall Send-Off Dance, slated for June 1 in front of Anacapa Residence Hall, received $6,763.96 out of a requested $7,000 for security, lighting and advertising. Benjamin Thomas, a resident assistant in Santa Rosa Hall, said the dance has been held for several years and provides a great alternative night event for students.

“This year we’re trying to do it bigger and better,” Thomas said. “We’re setting up an outdoor club to make it as big as possible.”

Members distributed the remaining unallocated funds – totaling $6,763.96 – to the dance.

Meanwhile, board members ended their final meeting with pizza, goodbyes and reflections on the board’s actions throughout the year. Szamet said he was pleased with the group’s tenure.

“We were put in a lot of challenging experiences,” he said. “We did a lot of good things for the school and for students this year.”