Local musicians played up a forthcoming Isla Vista documentary in Anisq’ Oyo’ park Saturday for the first-ever “Derpa-Sherpa-Palooza” music festival.

UCSB alum Peter Giese and fourth-year film & media studies major Matt Lawrence said they organized the festival in order to celebrate local music and programs. The event, which at its peak had an audience of around 100, featured eight bands, including Ambidextrous, Boombox Orchestra and Sacapuntas Locos.

The bands were mostly local, Giese said, in order to promote the I.V. music scene.

“Everyone just wanted to play and share,” Giese said. “It was just about the community.”

He also said he wanted to put on an event that reflected the spirit of I.V. while also promoting a new documentary by Friends of the Forest Foundation, entitled, “Isla Vista in Movement.” The film centers on social programming and will screen June 3 at the Chilla Vista spring festival. The film is partially funded by the Associated Students Finance Board, which allocated $5,800 for its production.

Local businesses Cali Roll, Hempwise and I.V. Drip contributed gift certificates as prizes for the balloon toss, tug-of-war, saltine cracker-eating, pie-eating and trash pick-up contests. The A.S. Community Affairs Board and A.S. Isla Vista Community Relations Committee also provided funding for the event.

Giese said the local group Chilla Vista was also on hand to plan activities other than the music, such as the various contests.

“Way more people participated in the events than we thought [were going to],” said Lawrence. “For the water balloon toss we had 75 to 100 people.”

The strange name of the concert was intentional, Giese said, and originated from a joke between the planners after they discovered a photograph of a cat wearing a hollowed-out lime as a hat.

“I wanted everyone to not know what things were [based on the name of the event],” Giese said. “The name really means nothing.”

The pair began planning “Derpa-Sherpa-Palooza” in February, Lawrence said.

“We decided a couple months ago that we wanted to put a festival together with our friends’ bands,” he said. “We wanted to do some good as well as have a good time.”

Giese and Lawrence obtained an alcohol permit for the event, allowing of-age attendees to drink at the concert. The I.V. Foot Patrol, which monitored the event, was very helpful, and there were no alcohol-related problems, Giese said.

The duo has no concrete plans to throw another Derpa-Sherpa-Palooza, Lawrence said.

“If Peter and I were freshman and we decided to do this we would definitely do it every year,” Lawrence said. “But hopefully someone who came out on Saturday had a good time and wants to carry on the legacy.”