In front of a sold-out crowd, John Cleese was entertaining those that attended the screening of “Life of Brian” before he even took to the stage. He pushed Arts & Lectures Director Celesta Billeci onto the stage, providing laughs from the crowd and leaving Roman Baratiak questioning what was going on behind him. Before the screening of the “Life of Brian,” Cleese gave a brief illustration of how he and the rest of the Pythons came to produce the film. Cleese described the process that they would go through to come to what was eventually produced, explaining that they never really knew what they were doing. Cleese explained that none of the Pythons could agree upon anything except “what religion ought not to be.” Cleese pleaded with the audience not to provide him with a standing ovation as there is nothing that he hates more than the one person standing up to show that they enjoyed themselves more than everyone else in the audience.

After the screening, Cleese answered questions from the audience, some more detailed and personal than others. When asked about why he resides in Santa Barbara, he couldn’t resist taking a crack at Santa Barbara residents wearing three sweaters when it is 55 degrees outside. One audience member asked Cleese if there was a possibility of the Pythons reuniting to make another film, to which he regretfully said that it was unlikely to happen. Quite possibly the most interesting question was, if he were to have a threesome with two of the Beatles, which two he would pick, to which he responded, “not Ringo!” Cleese’s final piece of advice for the night was to “wear hats more.”