Editor, Daily Nexus,

The statements made by Jenny Paradise (“Screw Definitions; Ditch the Labels,” Daily Nexus, May 2) merely reinforced my belief that the sexually perverse have no qualms about distorting the truth to suit their needs. Such people seek to change society’s values in order to alleviate the guilt they feel over their own improprieties. Her calling on Alfred Kinsey’s research is an interesting point, as Kinsey’s researchers actually skewed his data in order to prove that his own homosexual impulses were common and, therefore, normal.

As quoted in the biography Kinsey by James H. Jones, his interview pool included “several hundred male prostitutes” – men more likely to report homosexual sex, and with greater frequency, than the average male. If his dubious research methods haven’t convinced you of his studies’ invalidity, then consider that Kinsey also believed that pedophilia and bestiality were perfectly normal, harmless expressions of human sexuality.

As for Jenny’s statement that “our society is more backwards than that of the Romans,” she failed to mention that the Romans also considered crucifixion an acceptable form of capital punishment, considered a man’s wife his property, practiced slavery and would have Christians who refused to sacrifice to the pagan gods thrown to the lions. Conversely, those “enlightened Europeans” she mocks were, for the most part, residents of states that had universal male suffrage, religious freedom, freedom of the press, had abolished slavery and would soon grant full suffrage to all their citizens.