The foot-longer 3-point line won’t be installed until after you have graduated. Do you consider this a good or bad thing?
I don’t have much of an opinion, it is what it is. I don’t live and die on the 3-point line so it doesn’t affect me that much. I think guys will adjust no matter what.

Considering who will be around in two years when the line is instituted, is this going to benefit UCSB or be a disadvantage?
I think [freshman guard] James [Powell] can light it up regardless of where it is. All of our guys are comfortable shooting from out there and I don’t think it’ll make much of a difference. It’ll hurt big guys who shoot the three the most.

What are your early impressions of D.J. Posley, the most recent recruit?
He’s quality and he’s good. He rebounds well and shoots well and is really athletic. He’s solid and does a lot of things really well.

Who do you see winning this year’s NBA Championship?
Whoever wins the Spurs/Suns series will come out. The East has no chance.

What have you thought of Golden State’s success in the NBA Playoffs?
They played really well. I don’t necessarily care that much because I have no ties to NorCal, but I definitely root for the underdog.

-Interview compiled bu Chris Hoffman