Editor, Daily Nexus,

I was leaving class on Wednesday after a strenuous midterm exam and headed toward the bike path. During my walk, I noticed a young man biking down the path when the chain of his bike suddenly snapped, causing him to fall forward over his handlebars. Landing face first onto the bike path, no one else seemed to care or notice. Several other bikers swerved out of the way to avoid the injured guy. I quickly ran over, moved his bike out of the beaten path, and made sure he did not need any medical attention. This guy was bleeding from the nose, mouth, and head. His arms and legs were scratched and would have bruises to remind him of the incident for weeks to come.

What bothers me the most – beside the unreliability of his rusted bike – was the apathetic sentiments of his fellow Gauchos. Either too lazy or too into their iPod jams, several people ignored him and went out of their way to avoid this poor injured guy.

What is UCSB coming to? Are we that into ourselves that we cannot take two minutes out of our very busy schedules to make sure that someone is not severely injured? All I know is that the selfish non-action that occurred on campus portrays that we, as a society and campus, are headed down the wrong path.