I first discovered the magnificence that is the All-Sorority Volleyball Tournament as a freshman two years ago. Glorious weather, good-looking girls and ice-cold beer. What more could a guy ask for on a Saturday afternoon? Sadly, that magnificence was gone with this year’s tournament. ASVT was just not what it used to be, and I don’t know whether to point the finger at the organizers or the authorities responsible for causing it to be held at East Beach.

When the police department and the Isla Vista Recreation and Park District decided that they could not allow ASVT to be held in Greek Park this year, I had no reason to doubt ASVT’s fun because it has always been a good time. I could not have been more wrong. There were so many problems, I don’t know where to begin. Let’s start with the buses. I don’t think I’ve seen this kind of chaos since the Los Angeles riots. Loading the buses was pure madness. I saw people rush the door, go through the back emergency exit, desperately climb through windows and cram three times the maximum occupancy. Someone had to have expected this, considering all the people under 21 would have to get wasted before leaving. However, instead of hiring bus drivers that are used to the madness and can control it – can you say Bill’s Bus? – they decided to hire bus drivers whose solution was to walk away and ignore us until we could settle down. Bill’s Bus was the direction organizers should have gone, but instead they went with inexperience. Once the bus actually made it to East Beach, we had to experience the unorganized task of waiting in lines – I mean mobs.

There was apparently more thought put into checking student IDs and charging money than creating an efficient entryway. All ASVT needed was some rope to form some sort of straight line at both the entrance and the beer garden and everything would have been much smoother. And speaking of the beer garden, if there was grass available to stand on, then how was it “too crowded?” I waited over half an hour only to get to the front of the “line” and be told that there were too many people already inside, so we had to wait some more. I’m pretty sure the beer garden sponsor, The Cliff Room, would have loved more people in the garden because they would have sold more beer.

After all this waiting, the straw that broke the camel’s back came in the form of a snobby comment made by some random sorority girl. Since she was already inside the garden, she decided to let me know that her friend, who had been behind me the entire time, was actually supposed to enter in front of me. When I let her know that her statement was false, she proclaimed that because she was in a sorority and didn’t know me, I didn’t deserve to go in front of her friend, because “Who are you, anyway?” Maybe I should have taken her advice. Maybe I didn’t deserve to go in because I am not greek, and maybe next year, the non-Greek 90 percent of the student body and I will skip ASVT. We’ll have more fun drinking on our own, and as for the greeks, it will be just like a beach-themed gathering.