At a relatively brief one-hour meeting yesterday, the Associated Students Finance Board distributed $36,311 among eight organizations.

The board fully funded seven of the eight groups, including the A.S. Legislative Council Special Projects fund, the UCSB College Republicans and student group Chilla Vista, as well as the A.S. President’s fund to pay for transportation for 100 students to attend the men’s volleyball match this Thursday at Pepperdine University. After allocating the money, the board held a closed session to discuss revising its financial policies and procedures.

A.S. Leg Council Special Projects requested and received $5,000 to fund “No Nukes! No Wars! A Concert for Peace” a concert slated for May 25 at the Earl Warren Showgrounds. The event, organized by the Santa Barbara chapter of Students for Peaceful and Socially Conscious Music, is being co-sponsored by the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and campus radio station KCSB.

Finance Board member and Internal Vice President Cecilia Perez said Leg Council’s Special Projects Fund did not have enough money in its account to sponsor the event.

“We agreed to take it on,” Perez said. “But we don’t have enough money in our budget to fund them.”

The board allocated $5,000 to the special projects fund for advertising, the facility rental, T-shirts and several musicians.

The UCSB College Republicans received its full request of $6,025 to host John Stossel, co-anchor of the ABC News show 20/20, on May 3. The funds will provide half of the speaker’s fee, as well as advertising costs and the rental fee of Campbell Hall.

“We usually just fundraise for events,” Dan Duran, a third-year law & society major said. “This is the one time we’ve needed to actually ask you guys for something.”

The board fully funded the organization with consent.

In the board’s largest allocation of the meeting, Chilla Vista received $10,255 to hold its third Isla Vista festival on June 3. Chilla Vista’s spring festival, titled “A Homegrown Revolution,” will feature a photo exhibit, several musical acts, food from the I.V. Food Co-op and a variety of community-related workshops.

“We want to create a more positive image for the community through celebrations and festivals,” Chilla Vista representative and third-year business economics major Brooks Allen said.

The $10,255 will go toward advertising, the musical acts, a sound system and sustainability costs, such as solar panels and recycling materials.

Meanwhile, the board allocated A.S. President Jared Goldschen $1,600 to pay for two buses for 100 students to attend the men’s volleyball match this Thursday at Pepperdine University in Malibu.