Editor, Daily Nexus,

I stopped checking headlines today. I turned off CNN, put down the free newspapers delivered to the residence halls each morning and closed the window on my computer that is perpetually set to ABC. After a few days I have had enough. I paid close attention last Monday because at the time this was breaking, shocking and too relevant not to watch. On Tuesday I saw the photo that everyone paying attention to the mass media has undoubtedly seen. I learned about the professor who survived the holocaust only to be killed by someone with a vendetta against the world – and of his writings. Every network and Website was fixated on a man who had just killed dozens of unarmed students and teachers. I glanced at a computer screen and saw his face plastered all over the homepage. Why does the media care so much about his life? He just killed 32 innocent people and all they chose to tell the world are details of his manuscripts and darkest thoughts. They give him the kind of infamy he never could have achieved without such atrocity. They indulge his dying wish by broadcasting photos he sent and streaming his videos to anyone with a decent Web connection. For his actions, the media has rewarded him by broadcasting his words to the masses. Thirty-two other people died that day. Thirty-two innocent people cut down for no reason. Why not tell the story of their lives? Newscasts are full of sappy human interest stories, so why not tell one that makes a difference? I’d much rather read 32 life stories than the history of a trigger-happy outcast with anger management issues. To those in the media: Don’t inspire imitation with your misguided fascinations. Honor those who died. Leave their grieving friends and families alone. Then I’ll tune in again.