From talking back to hecklers to making jokes about Satan’s moist vagina, the comics at Isla Vista’s new standup night are creating a buzz with their new edgy college comedy.

Created and produced by UCSB’s Comics Anonymous Club, the new weekly standup show features amateur comedians, as well as headliners, every Saturday at 9 p.m. in Embarcadero Hall. Students can attend the show for $10; general admission tickets are $15. This past Saturday, the show featured Sam Tripoli, a comedian made famous by the Spike TV show “Wild World of Spike.”

Comics Anonymous President Jeff Urrea said the show is completely uncensored, and audience members should expect some of the comedians make inappropriate jokes.

“This is real-deal comedy we’re doing,” he said. “Our motto is ‘comedy not suitable for freshmen.'”

Urrea said he and his two co-producers, Alfonso Ochoa and Andrey Belikov, are excited about the potential of their weekly show. Their goal is to bring a comedy scene to UCSB, he said, as well as to provide a safe and fun environment for comedy enthusiasts.

There have been three shows so far, and Urrea said he has high hopes for the event because the audience has grown bigger with each show.

“If we start getting full houses, we’ll move the show to Campbell Hall,” Urrea said. “We could also start getting bigger headliners to attend, like Dane Cook or Dave Attell.”

The show is open to everyone, including partygoers. Urrea said intoxicated students are welcome to see the show as long as they do not interrupt the comedians. However, sometimes comedians – including Tripoli – enjoy the challenge of drunken hecklers in the audience.

“It’s fun to slam hecklers from onstage,” Tripoli said. “My attention is therapy for them.”

Tripoli included a couple hecklers in his act, much to the enjoyment of audience members. His entire performance had most of the crowd doubled over in laughter.

Joe Bartnick, a comedian from Dave Attell’s Insomniac Tour, also made an appearance during the show. His most popular joke during the night was his imitation of a talking vibrator.

“I love doing shows at colleges,” Bartnick said. “The crowds are hip.”

Urrea, Ochoa and Belikov plan to continue the show until finals week in June, and start up again when school starts in September. Flyers with half-off coupons for admission to the standup shows can be found at many I.V. restaurants.