Editor, Daily Nexus,

In response to the popularity of the Environmental Affairs Board’s Earth Day Festival, I would like to highlight the important work of another environmentally friendly organization on campus – the Shoreline Preservation Fund. Since its inception, SPF has grown to represent a considerable grassroots effort that funds research, restoration, education and access projects that enhance the UCSB coast each quarter. Some of these projects include restoration of the vernal pools in Isla Vista and UCSB, water testing of the UCSB Lagoon and ocean and repair of coastal bluff trails and beach access points. Every project reviewed by the all-student Board of Directors for funding is required to show a significant benefit to the student body and direct enhancement of our coastal community.

In addition to funding projects, the SPF Board offers scholarships for students that wish to participate in a coastal-related research project. Student organizations benefit tremendously through SPF’s Coastal Service Program – which funds groups that complete a beach or street cleanup or participate in restoration. These activities are an excellent way to encourage stewardship of our coastal resources and increase student awareness of their surrounding environment.

To continue funding these worthwhile projects, SPF needs student support – please vote for reaffirmation of this fantastic organization that cares about our local coastline and it doing something about it!