I suppose you can say that it is the Daily Nexus that has gotten me here, running for an elected office in student government – not my job at the Nexus, but rather the columns and letters to the editor this year that called students to act instead of sit back and complain about issues that affect the UCSB community.

I’m not running with a party, though I don’t have anything against those that are. A.S. is made up of individuals, not parties, and the diversity of viewpoints and backgrounds is essential to legislative council on such a diverse campus.

I’m running for my friends who update me weekly on how their “townhouses” in French Quarter are gradually disintegrating into a mold-ridden black hole. I’m running for the students who don’t feel like A.S. has heard them this year. I’m running for the students who are afraid to go on the almost deadly bike paths.

I’m running for the students who are tired of being broke before a new quarter’s fees are due. I’m running for those who don’t know that their student fees paid for massage chairs at Counseling and Career Services. I am running for the students that wish to rid UCSB of ignorance and hate. I am running for the students on campus that want to learn more about A.S. and get involved. Most importantly, I am running for you.

I love this campus, this community, and sincerely want to represent you in A.S. next year. I may only be one individual, but this individual truly cares about this campus and your opinions, and I believe that is the most essential requirement for any position in student leadership. Next week as you vote, please consider the individuals who truly care – and I promise you, Rachel Lorencz is one of them.