Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am a UCSB Pi Kappa Alpha founding father and one of the individuals responsible for the creation of Fight Night.

I just learned about the cancellation of this year’s Fight Night due to the numerous violations by the Pi Kappa Alpha chapter. I am very disappointed by the violations and I am also very disappointed that the university is canceling Fight Night in response to the violations. We all understand that the fraternity should be penalized for violations, but canceling the biggest greek system fundraising event of the year seems contrary to what is said on the UCSB Office of Student Life website: “The UCSB greek community and I [Stephan Franklin] want to change the culture here, and have the community focus on the positive things we continue to produce.” Prohibiting the fraternity from the greek systems biggest fundraiser is canceling one of the positive things produced.

In a recent Daily Nexus, Franklin said, “The thing is not to hurt the boxing club; that is not the goal here,” Franklin said. “The goal is to help Pi Kappa Alpha right the ship.” (“Fraternity Boxing Tournament Called Off After 15 Years,” Daily Nexus, April 5). Putting on Fight Night takes hundreds of Pi Kappa Alpha man-hours. These are community service hours. If you are looking for the chapter to do something right, this is it! This is the fraternity “righting the ship.”

Is it unthinkable to restrict the fraternity’s status for everything except Fight Night? I think not. Canceling Fight Night is canceling one of the best events that the greek system at UCSB produces. It is not only charitable, but it forces the young men of Pi Kappa Alpha to plan and execute a real world public event.