Editor, Daily Nexus,

Firstly I would like to object to the name Courtney Stevens gives herself, the Liberty Belle. She is a horrible leader and what she preaches is neither liberating nor beautiful. Secondly, I would like to address some of the problems she seems to be having with the current state of affairs. Several weeks ago a column was published about how anti-American sentiments are perhaps misplaced while so many other things are happening around the world (“Liberty Belle: Demonizing American Leaders Is Ineffective,” Daily Nexus, March 6), and more recently she wrote about how it is unfair that a Border Patrol member is being persecuted for using excessive force and putting people’s lives in danger, specifically, a foreigner, a Mexican (“Liberty Belle: Immigration Laws Hinder Border Safety,” Daily Nexus, April 3).

I think the anti-American sentiment comes from not just the fact that we use excessive force against foreigners coming into the country, but that we also go very far out of our way to kill foreigners on their own soil. I would probably have anti-foreigner sentiments if they busted into my house and blew out my family’s brains with AK’s.

The problem is that we want to clench on to our riches with our dear life and lock ourselves within gated communities behind locked doors within prisons, safely isolated from the world but not free. We then try to escape by gaining intense attachments to material objects like drugs and food. They will need to pry off the treasure chest clenched to our skeletons with crowbars from our shallow graves.

The only solution to our problems is to let go of our treasure chest filled with attachments and break out of the prisons we create. Breaking attachments to the material world frees the soul.