Students looking forward to the All-Sorority Volleyball Tournament this year have one less week to wait since Alpha Tao Omega has moved the date of the Dionysian competition up to April 28.

The event, which in the past has brought sorority girls from across California to Isla Vista’s Greek Park, will be held on East Beach near downtown Santa Barbara. The charity tournament was booted from the park this year by the Isla Vista Recreation and Park District and other local officials in response to complaints about the overwhelming – and mostly intoxicated – crowd of attendees last year, I.V. Foot Patrol Lt. Sol Linver said.

To help fund the event, the fraternity received $19,015 from the Associated Students Finance Board on Monday – a decision that stirred debate at Wednesday’s Legislative Council. Leggies and a few audience members argued the amount allocated was excessive, but ATO President Brady Reid defended the sum, without which, he said, the fraternity could not put on the event.

“We need every cent just to get the event off,” Reid said. “Without it, we couldn’t have ASVT.”

Most of the $19,015 will be spent on security, ASVT co-coordinator Josh Kruger said. He said the fraternity had to hire two Santa Barbara Police Dept. lieutenants and 10 deputies to prevent underage drinking and other misdemeanors.

The money will also cover a dozen Porta-Potties, volleyball equipment and advertising.

“And the park rental itself is kind of expensive, and then the whole area is going to be fenced off too,” Kruger said.

Environmental Affairs Board co-chair Ryan Andersen, who questioned the allocation at the Leg Council meeting, said he is no longer upset over the amount given to the fraternity – but he is still concerned about the money Finance Board has “thrown around” this quarter.

Andersen said he complained about the allocation because the $19,015 given to ATO was the final straw for him after worrying about the large sums of money the board has allocated recently.

“It’s unfortunate that ASVT was the tipping point, it could have happened to anybody,” Andersen said.

EAB co-chair Abby Horn mirrored Andersen’s points, reiterating that she had no problem with the fraternity or the charity, only with the Finance Board’s practices.

“A.S. should be accountable to all students at this school,” Horn said. “And when we’re talking about such a huge amount of money, you have to make sure [the allocation] is in the interest of the student body.”

Regardless of the allocation, Kruger said admission to the event will be free with a UCSB student ID, and $5 for anyone else looking to watch the show.