Editor, Daily Nexus,

With 2008 quickly approaching and the primaries even closer, everyone is looking at the future of the American democracy. Who will be the next president of the United States?

Assuming similar political stances as liberal Democrats, the democratic choice for president may be a product of how Americans want to be seen. While this is not the only choice available to American voters, The Associated Press certainly bills it as such. Democratic voters are faced with a choice: Should I go black or should I go girl?

Yes, with the public openly opposing Republican rule, the only thing in the Democrats’ way may be hate. The two frontrunners and major money grabbers at this point in the race are and look to stay the former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and Senator Barack Obama. A possible theory for who will win could be on which bias has deteriorated most since its respective social movements.

While the black movement may have taken place earlier and therefore should mean people will be more open to a black commander in chief than one of the “fairer sex,” let’s not forget how much less violence and hatred was spewed when women entered the workplace vs. when blacks entered the white man’s classroom. So while many millions of Americans are unhappy with the current administration and direction of policy, some may be unable to escape their prejudices and may vote for the only candidate they could stand in power: another white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant male.

Dems, it’s time to make a national gut-check. In 2004, the seeming consensus among California Democrats was that America had had enough with the Bush administration and we were going to have our next JFK – John F. Kerry. Yet, somehow he didn’t appeal to everyone. So, it begs the question: Are we as open-minded as we like to say we are? We’ll find out soon …