The Associated Students Legislative Council volleyed arguments last night over funding allocations, while passing one bill and two resolutions, as well as approving some internal member changes.

The council discussed at length several financial allocations during its four-hour meeting, including the $19,015 distributed by A.S. Finance Board this week to Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. In addition, the council passed a resolution supporting an unofficial boycott of the Santa Barbara News-Press, as well as one opposing proposed UC student fee hikes. It also passed a bill creating an A.S. Program Board coordinator position.

Council members tabled a bill to add students to the A.S. Committee on Honoraria and postponed a discussion on placing a night and weekend parking lock-in fee increase on the Spring Election ballot. In addition, the council allocated $22,000 to The Bottom Line, the new A.S. periodical, for computers and printers; $2,236 to MUJER’s conference; and $6,000 to set up an internship fund for UCSB students with the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

In internal news, Off Campus Rep Molly Gilmore announced she would be resigning next week due to her graduation at the end of this quarter. Additionally, the council appointed Ferenc Potzi Laczko to fill an open On Campus Rep position.

A majority of the meeting was dedicated to discussion of the A.S. Finance Board allocation of $19,015 to ATO for its charity All-Sorority Volleyball Tournament slated for April 28.

Several members from the A.S. Environmental Affairs Board asked the council to reconsider funding the event due to questions of its environmental and economic sustainability, as well as its community relevance. The EAB representatives initially said they believed the event to be open to only the Greek community, but several council members informed them that the event was open to everyone.

One of the main topics of contention was the private transportation Finance Board funded, which fourth-year Spanish major Cricket Clark said was an unnecessary expense.

“We all have MTD bus passes so all residents can get to the event,” Clark said. “It’s a great way for students to use public transportation for the first time too.”

However, Finance Board Chair Nick Szamet said that if the council decided to remove the funding, he would resign from his position.

“Finance Board passed it with consent,” Szamet said. “It would be a gross hypocrisy on the part of Leg Council if you strike this as an action we took.”

Off Campus Rep and A.S. Greek Liaison Alex Van Wagner said he felt the event, including the transportation, should receive full funding.

“Transportation is not only a safety issue,” Van Wagner said. “It’s what will connect this event to the I.V. community. If we’re going to do this, we should do it right by making it accessible and safe for everyone.”

However, Off Campus Rep Molly Gilmore said she felt funding transportation was a gratuitous exception made by the board.

“I’m not personally trying to offend Finance Board,” Gilmore said. “I just think to pay for transportation when bus transportation already exists is unwarranted.”

Despite some opposition to the funding, the council voted to approve the Finance Board minutes and allocate the money as originally intended with 11 in favor and 8 opposed.

At the end of the meeting, the council quickly approved with consent two resolutions. One called for the UC Regents to vote against increased student fees at their meeting on March 14 at UCLA and the other resolution supports an unofficial boycott of the News-Press.