At the final Associated Students Finance Board meeting of Winter Quarter, board members distributed $108,221.12 among 20 entities.

In a three-hour meeting, board members fully funded requests from such groups as Hermanas Unidas, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity and a host of A.S. entities. Additionally, the board partially funded the A.S. Legislative Council’s plan to provide students with free Wednesday night transportation on Bill’s Bus to Goleta during Spring Quarter.

Hermanas Unidas requested $10,807.75 to fund its student initiated outreach program, M.E.N.T.O.R. The group will host 75 students from California high schools for the event, which is scheduled for April 18 to 20.

Board members discussed at length the amount of money requested to purchase JanSport backpacks for participants and staff. The backpacks, which the group plans to have embroidered, would cost about $60 per student and would total $6,360 for the program.

Board member J.P. Slauenwhite said he felt the expense was too much for the board to provide.

“I have a problem giving that much for backpacks,” Slauenwhite said. “Do they need to [have them] embroidered? There are generic brands that could be used as well.”

However, board member Jaclyn Feldstein said she was concerned that if the board did not provide the money, the organization would have to shift its attention to fundraising.

“If we don’t fund the backpacks, they’ll have to focus their efforts on fundraising and not on making the best program they can,” Feldstein said.

The board funded Hermanas Unidas for slightly more than requested – $10,875.75 – with nine in favor and three against.

The board also discussed a $19,015 request from Alpha Tau Omega for its charity volleyball tournament, the popular All-Sorority Volleyball Tournament, slated for April 28 at East Beach. The money would pay for security, the park rental, portable restrooms, transportation and equipment.

Board member Scarlet Chan said she was concerned about funding an event not located in I.V.

“It’s not even in I.V. anymore,” Chan said. “Personally, I think it’s too much money to fund for an event where people are just going to drink and party.”

Finance Board Chair Nick Szamet said the event was still an important to fund, despite its new location.

“It’s not in I.V. because Isla Vista Recreation and Park District won’t let them hold it there,” Szamet said. “They’re really trying to get integrated with the community by getting people downtown.”

The board allocated $19,015 to the fraternity with consent.

Several A.S. entities – including KCSB, the Katrina Relief Group, Legislative Council, S.C.O.R.E., the Women’s Commission, the Bottom Line and an A.S. remodeling project – received funding at the meeting. All the organizations were fully funded except for Legislative Council, which received $5,500 out of a requested $7,600. In addition, the A.S. conference room remodeling project only received $13,380 of its requested $13,655.99.

At the end of the meeting, Szamet said he was impressed by the board’s allocations.

“Today sends a message,” Szamet said. “This might be the most allocated ever in history and this says to the administration that if you don’t do it, we will.”