Editor, Daily Nexus,

I guess your columnist’s friend just doesn’t know where to go to get “the good stuff” in San Francisco (Golden State Blues: Hippie Hill is a Haven,” Daily Nexus, March 1). Hippy hill, while a beloved and cherished place to smoke a fat spiff, is known as the place where the young high school kids buy their ganj’ from, not where actual smokers go. In fact, the whole idea of hippy hill seems to emanate within the city. It is perfectly safe to walk down the street in almost any neighborhood in broad daylight and light up a spliff.

Big surprise – Hippy hill isn’t an area appropriate for children! This is the equivalent of those “stay above the influence” cartoon commercials, clearly aimed at children age four through seven. Obviously, children should not smoke the herb – they probably wouldn’t appreciate it anyway. I’m also not sure about that “Diet Amsterdam” thing. While, yes, it’s very easy to get herb, ours is definitely of a higher quality. All of that hydroponic crap coming out of Amsterdam has very little on any of the outdoor shit we get from Humboldt. And while we do have hella “clubs” just like anywhere else in the state, much better buds can be scored if you only know who to talk to. Understandably, tourists aren’t going to get the good stuff unless they know who to ask, and believe me, those friendly but dirty kids living on Haight Street and in Golden Gate Park are not the answer.