Editor, Daily Nexus,

Reading your article (“Finance Board Funds Sex Fair, Radio Club,” Daily Nexus, Feb. 27), I was more than dissatisfied with your report. Every piece you print that is not on the opinion page is believed to be fact only by those reading who can then form their own opinion of the matter. And although you are able to report your specifics correctly, you are not capable of holding back the involvement of your own biased behaviors within your articles. Associated Students Finance Board funded what seems like will be an incredibly educational program put on by Student Health’s Sex and Relationship Interns and it helped support a student club, the Amateur Radio Club, that could not otherwise obtain funding.

I am assuming that you have attended several A.S. meetings and know the extent of the many conversations and discussions that are carried out by the members who should not be mistaken for anything less than concerned about where this money goes. Who doesn’t appreciate the newly paved bike paths or the amazing aesthetics and functionality of the newly renovated Hub, which were both funded by A.S.?

As president of the San Nicolas Residence Hall, I have worked with several A.S. members and have seen their passion for this school and their incredible knowledge of everything about it. I have full faith that the A.S. members – several of which just spent their entire weekend at the state capitol lobbying for a fee freeze and increase in funding for financial aid and academic outreach programs – are more than capable to legally and rightfully allocate funds for valuable programs.

So before you go furtively ripping on the decisions made by the A.S. members, who, let’s keep in mind, you elected, I challenge you to get to know Associated Students a little better or at least attend something from the overwhelming lineup put on by the remarkable and, yes, highly funded A.S. Program Board. The inability of A.S. to legally withdraw your funds does not give you the ability to slyly sway your “factual” articles and influence readers.