Editor, Daily Nexus,

Christian McCusker — or number 3985 as we prefer to call you around the office — we appreciate your letter telling us how much we (or “The Man,” as we like to call ourselves) are keeping you down (“RHA Unjustly Hassles Residents,” Daily Nexus, Feb. 28). We really do like knowing that our efforts are working so well at keeping young residents like yourself from smoking, drinking or being really loud at late hours of the night, because clearly a well-behaved student like yourself would never do any of these things.

The problem we had with your article was not that we have now become part of the establishment, punishing people for alleged crimes they allegedly may or may not have committed; our problem is that RHA doesn’t actually do a single thing that you complained about. Yeah, sorry about that, but you’re 100% factually incorrect. If you want to know what RHA has done for you lately, you could always read The Flush to find out about events like the upcoming All-Hall Talent Show, free to all students in the Hub on March 8th at 8p.m. You could even stop by the RHA office, located less than 50 smoke-free feet from your room in San Nic. You could also visit our Coordinating Board meetings, which are on Tuesdays at 6:30 in the San Nic Formal Lounge (a mere 35 feet!) or you could go with your floor reps to your weekly hall council meetings, where your floor-mates deal with your issues.

The Residence Halls Association doesn’t document people — we’re not RAs, they’re a part of the Office of Residential Life. In reference to the flooded lawn, however, we agree that you were gravely and tragically wronged. If you would like a refund, stop by the RHA office and we’ll get right on that. Have fun in prison, though.