Editor, Daily Nexus,

Julia Witton’s letter to the editor (“Media Should Not Label Frimpong as Guilty Just Yet,” Daily Nexus, Feb. 27) does an excellent job of restating the obvious. I think most people following the case are aware that “no one has been convicted yet” and that all citizens are “innocent until proven guilty.” Hence, the journalists have to “adamantly document anything but uncertainty,” in order to write completely unbiased articles. Witton is also frustrated that Eric Frimpong is “being held in jail right now … on the basis that two women ‘said’ he committed a crime.”

Well, yeah, how else would you accuse someone of rape – through telepathy? Since most criminals don’t like to videotape their crimes and make a copy for the victim, a lot of people are put on trial as the result of a “verbal accusation.” Witton also naively believes “negative lab results” will solve the case immediately, forgetting that condom usage can easily hide any physical evidence of a rape. But the fact that Frimpong is an “absolutely remarkable individual,” does not prove that he “would never do such a thing.”

I’m sure that Frimpong has many favorable qualities, but even the most unlikely people are capable of violent crimes. No one besides the alleged victims and Frimpong know whether or not these rapes truly occurred, but the media is entitled to report on the accusations as long as it continues to do so in a fair manner. Witton is concerned with how everyone is “going to feel if all the tests come out negative.” I would feel a lot worse if I immediately dismissed two separate rape allegations against the same person, just because he didn’t seem like a rapist to me.