Editor, Daily Nexus,

Eric Frimpong has not been proven guilty, so leave him alone.

As a 2006 graduate of UCSB, I know how Isla Vista is. On weekends you wake up wondering what dumb shit you did the night before. It always seems that there is an air of uncertainty hovering over Isla Vista; however, in light of recent news coverage concerning rape accusations against Frimpong, I can’t help but notice that the articles adamantly document anything but uncertainty. The manner in which information is written implies that Eric Frimpong did commit the crime. Yes, charges were pressed against him, but has one shred of information been proven? No! All that is held credible right now is verbal statements. Last time I checked, verbal accusations can’t hold anyone accountable for rape.

I do happen to know Eric, and he is a wonderful, genuine and absolutely remarkable individual. I can say exactly the same things about him as any of his teammates or roommates would – the Frimpong that we know wouldn’t ever do such a thing. I am sympathetic to the rape victim, and I am appalled at the incident, but let me emphasize one thing to the press: No one has been convicted yet. So media, press, leave my friend alone until you really know you have the right man. How is everyone going to feel if all the tests come out negative? Negative lab results are 100 percent possible at this time. However you feel regarding the issue, I ask you to consider things from Frimpong’s perspective. He’s being held in jail right now, charged with a crime on the basis that two women “said” he committed a crime. My fellow Gauchos, please remember the phrase “innocent until proven guilty” and let’s take a step back before we assume anything. I’m praying for you every day Frimmer, hang in there buddy.