Editor, Daily Nexus,

In light of the recent alleged rape of a UCSB female by soccer player Eric Frimpong, I would like to bring to light the lack of attention on the survivor in this horrible attack. Thus far, the media and general discourse surrounding this event has placed an overall emphasis on the male perpetrator. Many UCSB soccer fans have felt disbelief upon hearing what an idolized player may have done.

I would like to give my support to the survivor of this brutal attack, as well as to the hundreds of survivors of sexual rape, coercion and molestation that occur on a daily basis and are mostly unreported. These women do not deserve in any way to be forcibly attacked, sexually abused or left with an overwhelming feeling of utter distrust for the world. Sexual abuse leaves a survivor with a feeling of personal disempowerment and a lack in the ability to defend or control what happens to her body. This true sense of violation rarely leaves a survivor and often leads to complete distrust of males.

I hope that the survivor of this attack can lead a positive and fulfilling life while receiving support from local community resources such as the Women’s Center, counseling at the Counseling and Career Services and the support of friends and family. A handy phone number for every woman to keep saved in her cell phone is the number of the 24-hour Santa Barbara Rape Crisis hotline, which is (805) 564- 3696.