Editor, Daily Nexus,

Jared Goldschen and Bill Shiebler contributed a thorough, statistic-filled letter on the state’s proposal to raise student fees (“Proposed Bill Will Raise Student Fees,” Daily Nexus, Feb. 22). They are correct. Nobody wants to pay more money. Take the time to review some other numbers that are also important to A.S.

A.S. proposed, campaigned and managed to raise undergraduate student fees from $2,336.64 to $2,469.97 for over 18,000 undergraduates last fall. This increase also reflects the 33 percent surcharge that the UC tacks on for financial aid — something that A.S. glossed over previously. Only 2,148 students voted to increase student fees by $133.33 each quarter. Those who voted “no” were only 31 people short of stopping the fee increase.

The important number to remember: 12% of undergraduates voted “yes” to raise fees for 18,000+ students by 5.7%.

Before stating the obvious of how students loathe fee increases from our governor, how about not screwing the students for A.S.-approved interests? For example, at one meeting A.S. “distributed $137,111.35 to various entities” (“A.S. Votes to Fund Member Salaries,” Daily Nexus, Jan. 23) — how much of that funded you? A.S. might send student representatives to meetings, make phone calls and bring some awareness to this issue. These things – such as student travel expenses up to Sacramento – are funded by the students.

I’m shocked that A.S. cares about other entities raising student fees, because A.S. was so eager to raise fees last fall.

I would suggest to any sensible undergraduates to do what you can to overturn this past A.S. Initiative and save your money for something other than social events and flyers. An A.S. election should be coming up soon (marked by the littered campus) and someone should jump in to protect the students’ wallets.