Mirah – a talented acoustic folk artist on the rise – played at UCSB’s very own Hub on Feb. 11, serenading the crowd of roughly 400 people with her uniquely soulful lyrics. The overall feeling of the concert was very relaxed and felt as if there should have been a coffee bistro in the immediate vicinity. Mirah’s lyrics could have been compared to red bull as they gave the audience the fascinating feeling of flight.

The overall vibe of the show can be described as upbeat, with cheers resonating from the audience and Mirah — especially during the almost-constant interaction between the two. The tonal quality of Mirah’s voice was astounding, so much so that it felt as though she was transporting the audience to another place.

However it was not only the audience that felt as if they were in another place -Mirah was obviously feeling a little displaced, as she went announced her feelings between songs. In fact, the pauses between songs were distracting from the overall aesthetics of the concert.

Between songs, Bryce, the drummer, took a small bathroom break, which left Mirah feeling somewhat lost. She attempted to entertain the crowd solo, but was unable to remember the words to the song. After the small interruptions, the performance took a different turn, as an audience member was asked to perform the egg shaker on stage. The overall effect was chaotic, and a little confusing, but entertaining nonetheless.

Ultimately, Mirah came well prepared with music on her set list, but was unable to perform many requests by the audience. Despite her shortcomings, the concert as a whole was a success with minimal mistakes and an overall good performance that proved Mirah is an artist worth spending your Sunday night at the Hub for.