Editor, Daily Nexus,

On Feb. 7, I was one of several hundred to go watch Walid Shoebat, a former PLO terrorist and now Christian. In his hour and a half speech, he warned that the Middle East has the potential to be that of several Nazi Germanys.

I myself am a Jew. I have had many Muslim friends, including Palestinians. When I walked out of the Corwin Pavilion, I felt disgusted by what I had just heard. Shoebat painted a picture of Islam as a dirty religion full of murderers. What he forgot to talk about is the fact that there are good Muslims.

He told us about the yellow stars we had to wear in Spain during Muslim rule and he told us of how Muslims helped Hitler massacre the Jews. What he forgot to mention was the fact that the Muslims treated the Jews much better than the Spanish did and that they gave us the opportunity to practice our religion. After the Muslims fell in Spain, the Spanish executed and exiled of many of the Jews in Spain. Shoebat also forgot to tell us that Muslims let us live in Jerusalem during the crusades, whereas the Europeans slaughtered the Jews after they took control of the city. He forgot to tell us about the Muslims who lit candles in Iran for the Americans who died on Sept. 11.

After the speech, members of the audience were given the opportunity to ask Shoebat questions. Immediately, two Muslims spoke out against him, offended by what he had said. What was the audience response? We booed them and clapped at Shoebat’s insults toward them. One of them asked what he was supposed to do as he left the room. Shoebat did not understand what he meant, but I did. He feared that the room would leave with a greater hatred toward Islam. Now do not get me wrong. I love Israel and I love my people, the Jewish people, but I cannot stand silently as someone paints a single stroke brush of another group just as Hitler did of the Jews.