Editor, Daily Nexus,

I just wanted to send a little message to all those still attending that gorgeous place by the ocean they call a school. Listen to the advice in Jenny Paradise’s column (“The Wednesday Hump: Abstinence Halts Necessary Exploits,” Daily Nexus, Jan. 31). It is dead-on correct. I currently live in San Francisco, which I believe was voted one of the top-10 places for singles in the country, and I don’t really get it. Everywhere I go, the first thing I do is stare down at the ring finger on the left hand to see if that cute guy is married.

Also, after college, you don’t get to go to house parties anymore, nor do you have classes. Most jobs are not very people-oriented like mine, for instance, where I sit in a cubicle all day. Sure, for my hour lunch I can check out the young professional scene, but other than that you’re pretty much limited to meeting single people on the weekends. So what I’m trying to get at is, all those half-naked, tanned people walking around campus or I.V. just doesn’t happen anymore. After college, everyone is white, fatter and cooped up inside for the majority of the day. And you wondered why Match.com is so popular.

Now, I do agree with Paradise about making sure you use protection at all times, because there are definitely consequences. But at the same time, how fun are those random I.V. party nights where you’re not sure where you’ll end up or who’ll you end up meeting? You are almost guaranteed to get a hookup at the end of the night and at the very LEAST a hot make-out session. So once again, to reiterate: TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW. Do not even think about marriage or abstinence or even wanting a significant other right now. What’s the point when you live in I.V. where everyone is single, loving to party and down to hook up. Can I just go back?