Associated Students Legislative Council held a working meeting last night to discuss future projects, including its new KCSB radio show and the return of Campus Point, the currently inactive A.S. periodical.

In addition, Leg Council raised questions regarding the UCSB Press Council’s fiscal and editorial oversight of the Daily Nexus. Press Council, members of which serve at the discretion of the Chancellor, acts as a publisher for the newspaper and also approves the appointment of its editor in chief.

Off-Campus Rep Jeronimo Saldana requested that the meeting be a closed session with the express purpose of excluding the Daily Nexus. President Jared Goldschen, however, asked the council to keep the session open in order for the Nexus to be able to report on the various group projects.

The group discussing Campus Point, which was led by Saldana and had the majority of Leggies in it, brainstormed about possible ways to revamp the publication. Saldana suggested putting articles and information either on bulletin boards or online.

“There are about fifty students and some professors interested,” Saldana said.

Council members also devoted a significant portion of their meeting to discussion of Press Council’s effectiveness. Goldschen said Press Council has been failing to accomplish its official mandate – in particular, overseeing the Nexus’ finances and journalistic integrity.

“Our efforts should be to preserve what the council would originally do,” Goldschen said. “But there needs to be some pressure in the Chancellor’s office to take the pressure off us to deal with the Nexus’ fiscal accountability and publishing.”

Several members expressed interest in joining the council, but Marilyn Dukes, the interim A.S. Executive Director, said Leg Council members could not be on the Chancellor’s committee due to conflict of interest issues.

“I’d resign, man,” Saldana said. “I’d really rather do Press Council.”

Meanwhile, Off-Campus Reps Matt Jackson and Samantha Nevels discussed their weekly Radio A.S. show on KCSB, which runs every Tuesday from 7:30 to 8 p.m. Nevels said she was excited to give A.S. exposure and allow students to interact with their government.

“We talk to people in A.S., announce the agenda for the next Leg Council meeting, and we’ll answer questions from listeners,” Nevels said.

Also during the meeting, Internal Vice President Cecilia Perez outlined the rules of receiving honoraria and informed council members of their responsibilities as pertaining to office hours and meeting attendance. Honoraria, a stipend given to Leggies and select members of A.S. entities, was approved for this year by the A.S. Finance Board two weeks ago.

“I’m putting all of this out there so we all know what we’re held accountable for,” Perez said. “The committee will review the requests for honoraria, but it’s on your honor.”

After the meeting, On-Campus Rep Ian Taylor announced that an On-Campus Rep position is open on Legislative Council due to Cecilia Perez’s recent move to Internal Vice President. The deadline to apply is Monday, Feb. 5 in the A.S. Main Office.