Editor, Daily Nexus,

Welcome to the unknown government. They take our property tax money and spend it on boondoggle cookie-cutter projects like the proposed redevelopment of Anisq’ Oyo’ Park. Meet the redevelopment agency. They answer to the most powerful lobbyists in Sacramento, the California Redevelopment Association. Think Conquest times a billion. Contractors, consultants, bond traders, lawyers, you name it. Their motto: “If it’s other peoples’ money, it’s our money.”

But this is still America (keep your fingers crossed), and if enough Isla Vistans turn a deaf ear to their promises and lies and just say no, then we can stop this corruption. Come to the General Plan Advisory Committee and I.V. Park Board meetings. Contact Supervisor Firestone, Janet Wolf and Assemblyman Pedro Nava and ask them to please help. Anisq’ Oyo’ amphitheater, park and the free speech stage are the heart and soul of the community of Isla Vista. It’s where we have our weddings and our funerals. Shakespeare said the whole world’s a stage. This stage is not only historic – it has made history. I have borne witness to that with my own eyes. Isla Vista and the world are better places because of Anisq’ Oyo’ Park. Let us preserve it, so it may serve future generations as nobly as it has served us.

There is a GPAC meeting at the University Religious Center Jan. 31 at 6 pm. I hope to see you there. Together we can let the boards know we want the stage left alone.