Editor, Daily Nexus,

I’m an activist. I think you should be one, too.

The people running our organizations aren’t superheroes or drama whores (well, not all of them), and aren’t necessarily smarter or more confident than any unorganized student. But I will say that they probably care a little more about our campus. Personally, I care more now than I used to before I got involved. I get angrier over the bad news and happier over the little successes, because some of my work has gone into making that result. My money and effort and time went into that, dammit! I have a stake in it!

I hear all these people bitching and moaning about stupid Associated Students and the Nexus. Stupid lock-in fees, stupid hippies, stupid pot smokers and racists and sexists. Well, if they’re all such a bunch of incompetents, why don’t you come in and teach them what’s what? I challenge you. You are all as capable as any student in any organization, and yet so many people just complain and moan to their friends and don’t bother trying to change things. These organizations are not locked up in an ivory tower somewhere. You can go ahead and start the changes you want to see. Submit a column about issues with racism to the Nexus. Go speak at the A.S. Legislative Council. Heck, run for A.S. Judicial Council chair and sue the pants off the other campus organizations. If that’s your thing, go ahead. Get involved! Put some time in. You can do more than you think. Let’s take all this anger and frustration with the way things are being done and turn it into useful action. I hope to see you out there.