A.S. legislators, in another world entirely from the rest of UCSB students, are now proving the sentiment that A.S. is not an accurate reflection of student opinion here and it’s their own fault. The dismal turnout at election time continues to give the student voice only to those in the opinionated minority and not the majority of apathetic UCSB students (approximately 60-70 percent) who believe that student government has no effect on their education or life. When is UCSB going to turn out en masse and actually vote for student leaders that represent them?

The illegal resolution to freeze Nexus’ fees passed with resounding stupidity and an attempt to suppress the free speech of our beloved student newspaper. While I personally agree with the boycott, to attempt to extend the boycott to the student newspaper and eliminate its funding loses sight of what is probably more important: the existence of a free and independent newspaper on campus. This is an example of A.S. believing in the first amendment until it interferes with their political agenda.

It is interesting to note that the lack of response from our student leaders in our student paper continues. Is this due to an agreed-upon boycott by leg council members that extends even to writing in our own newspaper? If so, you’re losing credibility. Almost no one on campus wants to be handed a flyer about the A.S. position on this issue or to receive mass junk e-mails from our student leaders. The Nexus is the medium through which most students are peripherally aware of A.S. The most effective way to reinforce and spread the word of the Conquest boycott would be to organize a letter-writing campaign!

So, the power is yours. If you have any opinion on the issue, come to the next Leg Council meeting. They are held Wednesdays at 5 in the Flying A room on the second floor of the UCen. And fucking vote next time.