Courtney Stevens (“Liberty Belle: Higher Education Fails to Pass Test,” Daily Nexus, Jan. 16) is a very dangerous person. UCSB needs to come up with some way to deal with her and her ilk. Courtney is capable of reading, reasoning and writing. And, she is able to present a simple set of facts in a cogent and coherent fashion. Her thoughts and techniques are too dangerous to be published in the Nexus. Her thoughts are nothing less than blasphemy directed towards UCSB, and maybe SBCC as well. The next thing that she will be pointing out is that UCSB is using the party scene to recruit student dollars and euthanize the learning process by dumbing-down and skanking-up. Skankification is a gender-neutral term at UCSB. I think that the A.S. should add her to the ever-growing list of people and groups to boycott. A.S. could put her in the category of “people who speak the truth” which is almost as bad as the dreaded category of landlords.

On the other hand, perhaps she is unique. She may be an endangered species on the campuses of higher education. People who speak the truth are endangered almost everywhere in academia. Therefore, we may have to protect her by placing her on the endangered species list. Oh, oh, there is one more option: She could be required to write articles for She would be welcomed as a writer for the Darkside. I already have a title for her columns: The Emperor Has No Clothes.

It will be interesting to see how the politically correct glitterati of UCSB will treat her.