Editor, Daily Nexus,

This war on Iraq is defining our generation. Our generation consists of soldiers, people that will have to deal with the many effects of this war and students who are letting it happen.

The president’s announcement of a significant escalation in Iraq flies in the face of the message voters gave in the November elections and also ignores public opinion as measured by numerous polls. This war prioritizes special interest of corporations abroad over healthcare and education at home. It creates a racist and ignorant spin on the Middle East and it is killing thousands of U.S. and Iraqi people for a reason no one really understands. This is not the world we want to see.

On Sunday at Anisq’Oyo’ Park in Isla Vista, students and community members gathered from noon to sunset talking about how it is time for something to be done about this war on Iraq. Over the past few years, there has been a lot of antiwar discussion and action on many different, but separate levels. It is time to create a united movement at UCSB and in I.V. The University is a place to shape a better world, and it is our responsibility as members of this University and nation to not passively let this unjust war continue in full force, but to assert our power and take action to demand a change.

We need professors, students, student groups, faculty, family and community members to come together. Most of us are the privileged few who watch the war in the distance, but we need to be engaged in the world around us outside of the thin walls of our classrooms. Not doing anything about this war is just as active as pushing it forward. We need to create a joint peace movement. Please e-mail me at kellyannburns@gmail.com with your interest and suggestions.