UCSB’s Screenwriter’s Co-Op is sowing the seeds for a few future screenwriters next weekend, as it hosts the annual Word Farm event from Jan. 19 to 21. Word Farm is a three-day screenwriting “camp” that allows students to interact with writers who work in the film industry in a small classroom setting. These professional writers teach two-hour classes, with classes capping at no more than fifteen students per session. Students also receive individual advice and feedback about their own scripts from the professionals. Workshops may include tips on pitching scripts, ideas on how to craft a story, as well as advice on character development.

Keynote speakers include Allison Anders (“Things Behind the Sun”, “Gas Food Lodging”), Jeff Arch (“Sleepless in Seattle”), The Butcher Bros. (“The Hamiltons”), Bob Gale (“Back to the Future I, II, III”, “Used Cars”, “1941”), Michael Miner (“RoboCop”, “Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid”), and Tom Lazarus (“Stigmata”, “Columbo”).

Screenwriter’s Co-Op Presidents Andrew Gayman, Andrew Fagundes and Jordan Harris are coordinating Word Farm. Gayman said he encourages all students who have a passion for writing to apply to this program.

“If you are a screenwriter, or just interested in screenwriting, no event on campus will give you a better understanding of the craft of storytelling,” Gayman said. “These writers have all worked in the industry for a number of years; this really is a once in a lifetime chance to interact one-on-one with professional writers and compare viewpoints, pitch ideas and drain them for all the information you can.”

UCSB Film and Media Studies Dept. Advisor Joe Palladino said he thinks Word Farm is a unique opportunity for students to hear diverse opinions about writing from people who are actually making a living as screenwriters.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to get input from established people in the industry.”

Approximately 35 people will be accepted into Word Farm, and applications are available in Ellison Hall at the Film and Media Studies office. Applicants are required to include a creative resume in addition to a short screenwriting sample. The resume may include a reflection of various creative projects such as writing, videos, film, theatrical work and a logline for screenplays.

Resumes are due Friday, Jan. 12, to the Film and Media Studies office no later than 4:30 p.m.