Last week, the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Dept. arrested one man and two co-conspirators for allegedly forging the Will of Beverly Graham, who was killed by postal employee Jennifer San Marco in the Goleta Post Office shooting last January.

San Marco shot Graham in the victim’s Santa Barbara apartment on Jan. 20, 2006, and continued to the Goleta United States Postal Service Distribution Center where she killed six others and then turned the gun on herself.

After almost a year of struggling to acquire her estate, Graham’s long-term boyfriend, 57-year-old Edward Blomfield, was arrested for attempting to forge his late girlfriend’s Last Will and Trust.

Blomfield is currently in custody along with his sister, 59-year-old Jeanne Blomfield, and 48-year-old Carpinteria resident Lenae Stahr, who both signed as witnesses on the forged Will.

Sgt. Erik Raney, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Dept., said Graham’s estate is estimated to be worth between $650,000 and $750,000 – all of which the forged Will leaves to Blomfield.

“Several weeks after Graham’s murder, her boyfriend, Edward Blomfield, produced a Will, purportedly signed by Beverly Graham and witnessed by several others,” Raney said. “The Will left all of Graham’s possessions and pension to Edward Blomfield.”

Blomfield was booked on charges of forgery, burglary, financial elder abuse and conspiracy, as were the Will’s two purported witnesses, Raney said. Bail for all three subjects has been set at $500,000.

According to Raney, if Graham had died without having previously written a Will, all of her assets and possessions would have been left to her parents. When Blomfield presented the Will in question to authorities after Graham’s death, her family began questioning its validity, and eventually contested it in civil court.

A court examiner later determined the signature on the Will that Blomfield produced had been forged, Raney said.

“The Graham family attorney in the civil case retained a forensic document examiner who inspected the Will and determined that the signature of Beverly Graham was likely forged,” Raney said.

“The Sheriff’s Dept. became involved when the attorney representing the family questioned the Will’s validity,” Raney said.

After a six-week investigation, detectives obtained search and arrest warrants, and found evidence that linked Blomfield to the forgery.

“During the search of Edward Blomfield’s residence in Santa Barbara, detectives recovered physical evidence that substantiated the allegation of forging the Will,” Raney said.