With winter break rapidly approaching and post-finals stress to release, curling up on the couch never sounded so good. And, with the plethora of television shows now releasing box sets on DVD, winter break could be the perfect time to catch up on further developing your inner couch potato. As a film major and semi-professional art and culture critic, I know it’s uncouth to admit this, but nobody loves a good hour – or ten – spent zoning out in front of the TV like I do. So throw on some comfy clothes, grab something to snack on and pop in one of these newly-released TV on DVD sets. I personally guarantee that you’ll enjoy yourself, or this issue of the paper is free.

First of all, everyone’s favorite hospital drama, “Grey’s Anatomy,” just released its second season on DVD. Featuring extended scenes, bonus material and plenty of memorable moments – plus the season finale to top all season finales – this is one box set worth shelling out the bucks to buy.

For something on the lighter side, check out “Arrested Development” seasons one through three. This dark comedy puts the fun in dysfunction, as it follows the unconventional Bluth family through a series of hilariously absurd situations. Highlights include Liza Minelli’s cameo and stellar performances from Portia de Rossi and the show’s breakout young stars, Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat.

Did you like “Borat?” Then you’re going to love “Da Ali G Show – Da Compleet Seereez.” This set of all of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s short-lived but much-loved television show features enough innovative, provocative comedy to keep you laughing all break long.

Take a trip back to your childhood with the “Animaniacs.” That’s right, the zany cartoon characters are back with a two-volume set of newly released episodes and extras, coinciding with the release of a new set of “Pinky and the Brain” DVD. Now you can try to take over the world and hear wisecracks by the stacks from Yakko, Wakko and Dot all from the comfort of your couch. Now that’s entertainment.