While the Daily Nexus reported a busy Thanksgiving weekend for crime in Isla Vista, the actual tally of break-ins came out to six: The 150 previously reported refers to the number of break-ins since January.

Of the break-ins that occurred while school was out, four incidents have been linked to John Darren Dutton, the 30-year-old man who was arrested on Nov. 24 for illegally entering a residence on the 6500 block of Sabado Tarde Road, said I.V. Foot Patrol Lt. Sol Linver.

Linver said Dutton has also been linked to at least two additional burglaries, and officers are investigating the possibility that he was involved in a number of other recent burglaries in I.V.

Additional statistics reported in Wednesday’s Nexus stated that there were 250 reported thefts over Thanksgiving break in 2004, and 195 in 2005. These numbers are the cumulative reports for each year.

Linver said the holiday season is a prime time for burglars to strike, especially in I.V. where residents host open parties. He said students should be on the lookout for any suspicious people wandering around their residences.

“If someone walks into your apartment, challenge him and report him,” he said. “We would prefer to be called about a guy who accidentally goes into the wrong apartment than miss a [burglar] who will just move on [to the next residence].”

– Staff Report