Now you can feel good about that shoe obsession.
When I first read about TOMS Shoes, I thought the creator’s name was Tom. Then, I discovered it stands for “Shoes for Tomorrow”-an interesting concept. I continued on and immediately purchased a pair.

Launched last May, not only are TOMS Shoes the most comfortable footwear to hit the market, but possibly the most socially conscious. For every pair you buy, TOMS Shoes give a pair to a child in need in Argentina. Based on the traditional Argentine worker’s shoe, alpargatas, TOMS Shoes combines a flip-flop type sole, form-fitting canvas exterior and interior leather insole, which work together to mold to individual feet in just a few hours. They’re comfortable from the moment you put them on and come in 18 different colors and patterns; you can make a fashion statement and avoid sore feet on that daily trek to campus.

The most intriguing aspect is what the company can do for a mere $38. Quite affordable to even the budget-weary college student, the shoes are perfect for everything from walking to skateboarding and helping to solve global social issues. Argentine kids need shoes, and so do you. In fact, the creator of TOMS Shoes, Blake Mycoskie, travels to Argentina to personally hand the children their brand-new footwear. He even produces “tiny-TOMS,” too-cute miniature creations for the little ones.

Featured in Vogue and sold at SoCal boutiques like LA’s American Rag, Principessa and Santa Barbara’s own Ready, TOMS Shoes are quickly finding their way into shopping hot spots. For the full line, check out the footwear at With so many options, it’s a tough choice. You can even get Vogue-sponsored, hand-painted TOMS shoe from artist Tyler Ramsey – talk about feeding the shoe addiction.