Editor, Daily Nexus,

The so-called “Oreo incident” is a figment of Michael Steele’s and the collective Maryland GOP imagination. No one — reporters and photographers included — besides Republicans and their relatives ever recalls seeing tossed cookies during this massively public event in which dozens of reporters were present. No one called Steele a traitor. The other stupid slights occurred long before Steele ran for office – over 4 years ago – and were quickly followed by apologies that were accepted by the man himself.

At the time Steele was elected Lt. Governor, there was not a single elected African-American Republican in Maryland. This was after Steele served as Chairman of the state party. He didn’t exactly create a great record then nor after he was elected. GOP voter registration declined in proportion to Democrats, and Independents actually out-registered Republicans.

African-Americans hold many opinions and have every right to do so and no one in the Maryland Democratic Party has ever said anything otherwise.

What we did say over and over again was that Michael Steele was George Bush’s hand picked candidate for the U. S. Senate. That was true, despite Steele’s attempts to deny this reality. That was enough. Steele lost by 10 points and not in any small measure, because he spent more time mischaracterizing past incidents, trying to distance himself from the President who raised millions for his campaign and ignoring issues important to the African-American community(and any community, for that matter).