I have to respond to a column written by Harry Nelson (“Measure D Will Not Get Funding for I.V. Projects,” Daily Nexus, Nov. 2, 2006). Measure D is one of the most important issues on the ballot this Tuesday. We have an opportunity to impact our transportation options for the next 30 years. A yes vote on Measure D will increase funding toward alternative transportation including buses, bike routes and a commuter rail.

Over the last 15 years, I.V. has received over $3.2 million in Measure D funding for fixing potholes and resurfacing our roads. Our roads are in great shape and this is important for people walking, biking or driving in our community.

Editor, Daily Nexus,

I.V. has also received $1.6 million in Measure D funding for new sidewalks in Isla Vista, including the sidewalks and street trees on the Embarcadero Loop.

I.V. will also see three of its coastal access stairways renovated this spring. At least one-third of the funding came from Measure D.

Beginning in about a year, I.V. will get a fleet of Electric Shuttles to connect our community with UCSB. Measure D will provide $300,000 every year to help operate this system.

I.V. has already benefited greatly from Measure D and by voting yes on Measure D, we can continue this important work! Over the next 30 years, Measure D will provide thorough funding for bikes, pedestrians, buses and trains, including $43 million for bike paths, $44 million for Safe Routes to Schools to help kids, and $207 million to increase local and regional bus services including the Santa Barbara MTD. This will also include funding to reduce fares for the disabled and seniors. Measure D will also fund $126 million for a commuter rail service.