Editor, Daily Nexus,

When 3rd District Supervisor Brooks Firestone tried to derail the purchase of Claire’s Park – now Capps Park – on the 6700 block of Del Playa Drive, the Isla Vista community stood up and convinced him to change his mind. I hope you will do that again for the Isla Vista Recreation and Park District. We are trying to build a community center and skate park. We need a board that is committed to doing that! Firestone has decided to nominate Ken Warfield for a four-year seat on the IVRPD Board, instead of Keith Allen, the IVRPD’s choice. Keith has lived in I.V. for 13 years and is a committed, thoughtful person who cares about the I.V. community.

Firestone should respect the IVRPD’s recommendation! We are closer to the community; we live in the community and have a better sense of what Isla Vistans need and want. Ken Warfield already has a voice – he represents the Isla Vista Homeowners Association on the Isla Vista Plan Action Committee. He cannot effectively represent the homeowners and the IVRPD. While he has been a consistent critic of the IVRPD for years, he has never sought to have any meaningful dialogue with the district. He will be a disruptive force.

This goes before the board of supervisors on Nov. 7. Stand up for your park district! If you want the district to be successful, talk to Firestone. Tell him to change his nomination to Keith Allan. Please, send him an email at bfirestone@co.santa-barbara.ca.us or call him at (805) 568-2192. Support your IVRPD!