Editor, Daily Nexus,

I would like to comment on the opinion piece by Caroline Wolf (“Finding Fall Fashion for Isla Vista Weather,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 26, 2006.) Contrary to her obviously misinformed opinion, leggings are not and will never be considered something “fashionable.” The last time that I can remotely remember leggings being an acceptable item of clothing was when my sister wore them in the third grade. Let me be the first to say that any woman caught wearing leggings will automatically be labeled by virtually every man who sees her as extremely, god-awful, “fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down” disgusting! The twat that thought that leggings looked good with a denim skirt should be dragged out onto the middle of Pardall Road in front of the Isla Vista Foot Patrol office and beaten with a rubber hose. Most likely that very same person thinks that Ugg boots look good with anything, which they most certainly do not. Please ladies, I think that I am speaking for just about every male, both gay and straight, in saying that leggings look like shit, and when you wear them, by association, you look like shit too.