Editor, Daily Nexus,

During last week’s Associated Students Legislative Council meeting, a bill was introduced to the floor to decrease the amount of time spent revising grammatical errors in bills on the grounds that the “knowledge of correct spelling and sentence structure has historically been inaccessible to low-income communities and communities of color.” Legislation like this is detrimental to the Legislative Council, which seems to make it a main priority to reach out to the disenfranchised and save them from the trampling of the mainstream public.

If the Legislative Council really wanted to address the underlying issue to this dilemma, then perhaps a resolution to support better language programs in lower income communities might have been more appropriate, rather than trying to dismiss the skills of students attending a university, one which requires said students to have a basic understanding of grammar. While they were at it, why not include a resolution about mathematical skills. Individuals of Asian descent are stereotyped as being much more advanced then the rest of us in their mathematical and calculating talents. Because a majority of the UCSB student population is not of Asian descent, they might be disenfranchised due to their alleged inferior math skills. I guess A.S. thought that was true anyway, when proposing the dollar amount for the Students’ Initiative. $135, $114, $94… $100 does seem like a nice round number we can all comprehend. Through it all though, I’m certain that A.S. did a grand job of fine-tuning the language of their recent initiative. God forbid it could be overturned on a grammatical error.