While his website tells us that “Dick Mountjoy is a no-nonsense conservative Republican who believes in God, Country and Family in that order,” we at the Daily Nexus feel that this candidate cannot possibly compete with Dianne Feinstein’s extraordinary 14 years in the U.S. Senate. Feinstein has, for the most part, championed everything that Californians believe in. She is for education, the environment, a woman’s right to choose and embryonic stem cell research. Meanwhile, Mountjoy does not embody California’s generally liberal attitude.

He was even quoted as saying “abortionists murder a million babies a year.” His stance regarding undocumented immigrants is also overly aggressive. In 1994, Mountjoy authored Proposition 187, which served to deny undocumented immigrants social services, health care and public education.

Dianne Feinstein is very powerful on the senate floor. She is pushing for an Iraq exit strategy and advocating alternative ways to resolve California’s immigration problem. Feinstein is a clear winner in our books.