The article “Isla Vista Brothel to Curb Rapists” (Daily Nexus, Oct. 23) was quite offensive and not humorous at all. Zach Phillips clearly misunderstands the huge difference between sex and rape. Let me make it clear for you: rape is not sex. The fact that rape is caused by a man’s uncontrollable sexual drive is a complete myth and not a cause for joking. In case you did not already know, sexual assault is an act of physical and emotional violence, and not an act of sexual gratification. Men assault other women and men in order to dominate, humiliate, control, degrade, terrify, violate and make them feel inferior. So therefore, no, rape is not remotely close to sex.

Phillips obviously also misunderstood the whole purpose of “I Want a Truce.” We were not trying to “squelch the inner rapist in countless sex offenders,” but trying to spread awareness and educate people about such a big issue that unfortunately affects all of us in the community. When Phillips said that “the only real option for effectively preventing rapists is to divert them somewhere away from Isla Vista,” he was not taking into consideration the fact that 99 percent of rape cases are caused by someone the victim knows and even trusts, such as his or her boyfriend, friend, date or relative. We cannot distinguish a rapist-to-be among ourselves, since it could be anyone you or we know.

As a victim of rape myself, and someone who has been working really hard to promote a sexual assault-free environment, I am sure I speak on behalf of other people as well when I suggest you think twice before you make such rude, ignorant and offensive comments. It just deeply saddens me to see that there are people in this world who are not aware of this rape culture and believe articles like this to be “funny.”

As a fellow Students Stopping Rape girl said in response to your article, “This does not in any way invalidate our work as a group of like-minded, multifaceted individuals, but it does add to our fire and gives us more to resolve.”

Just some food for thought. Thank you.