Plain Janes in Isla Vista can spice up their wardrobe without leaving town, now that Sweet Jane clothing store is open at 6529 Trigo Rd.

The new store opened its doors last week, but the grand opening celebration will not be held until Nov. 16 at noon. Sweet Jane, which is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, provides a wide selection of inexpensive items, including jeans for $20.

Owner Stella Termin said she hopes her store will be a welcome addition to the I.V. community.

“I just wanted to accommodate the women around here,” Termin said. “We’re offering hip clothes at low prices.”

Termin said the store primarily caters to women, but it will also carry items that appeal to either sex. Sweet Jane will also offer different seasonal clothes such as an assortment of costumes for the upcoming Halloween festivities.

“We’re here to supply the girls living here,” Termin said. “Where else would they go? Santa Barbara is a hard place to get to without a car.”

Besides outerwear, Sweet Jane also carries sunglasses and even lingerie. A sale rack and display of tree-free greeting cards will also be permanent features of the store.

The new store, one of a select few clothing shops in I.V., takes the place of the Leather Guild, which went out of business last fall, after 32 years. Termin said she plans to bring a new life to the commercial space.

“They did a great job fixing up the place,” neighboring property owner Valerie Sweatt said. “I know my daughter will love it.”

Fourth-year anthropology major Kathryn Parker and third-year English major Neva St. Morris said they did not know about the new store, but they are happy to have more shopping available in I.V.

“It’s nice to have in the neighborhood,” St. Morris said. “We’ll probably end up checking it out later.”