St. Louis

After predicting the Cardinals to defeat the Padres in the National League Division Series in four games, and then the Mets in the NL Championship Series in seven, it’s time someone started listening to the Nexus Sports crew – almost every ESPN analyst predicted the Padres and the Mets to win in six. That said, the St. Louis show is over.

If the Cardinals hope to win a game in the World Series then starting pitcher Chris Carpenter will have to hoist the team on his shoulders, but he’ll only be on the mound for two out of seven games. Jeff Suppan and Jeff Weaver held up their end of the bargain against the Mets, but this is the National League we’re talking about. While Albert Pujols hits bombs almost every time he steps to the plate, the rest of Cardinals offense can’t compare. Scott Rolen will have to keep his hot bat alive, and avoid aggravating the left shoulder injury that almost kept him out of last night’s game.

The Cards’ bullpen will be tested in every game this series. Head-to-head, the Cards lack what Detroit’s staff brings to the table: Adam Wainwright’s ninth inning struggle last night against the Mets is an indication of what’s to come. Don’t count on the Tigers to choke in the clutch like the pathetic Mets.


Why the Detroit Tigers will win the 2006 World Series:

They have home field advantage thanks to this summer’s nail-biting come from behind All-Star victory in favor of the American League. Remind them to thank shortstop Michael Young.

In 2005, Detroit finished 71-91, not the worst record in the AL Central, but it certainly is not a record to brag about.

Go back two more years to 2003, when Detroit was in danger of laying claim to the worst season record in baseball history at a measly 43-119. The past three years alone are enough to stir these Tigers and make them hungry for a Major League Baseball pennant.

Every pitcher for the Tigers will be fully rested for their debuts in two days. The National League champion on the other hand, will only be running on one or two days’ rest. For the rest of their lineup, Detroit will have had three days of rest and three days of light practice before heading into the 2006 Fall Classic.

And finally, let’s apply some physics to the sport: A body in motion stays in motion. The Tigers are coming off three consecutive victories against the New York Yankees and a four-game sweep of the once red-hot Oakland Athletics. This team is on fire and when it performs on all cylinders, success is certain.

Winner: With four all-star-caliber starting pitchers in Nate Robertson, Justin Verlander, Kenny Rogers and Jeremy Bonderman, the Tigers will take a quick lead against St. Louis. Add in the Detroit’s offense and its bound to be a blowout. The Tigers will completely dominate this series and secure the MLB title in only five games.