UCSB is no stranger to concerts, but it’s a stranger to the stranger side of music. UCSB’s vintage T-shirt and tight jean sporting hipsters have, for too long, had no recourse but to flee to Los Angeles for live shows other than reggae or the occasional post-success Sugarcult show. For those who like their boots shuffling, beats danceable and mascara running, the Associated Students Program Board has something to offer – She Wants Revenge.
One of the first concerts that the Associated Students Program Board is sponsoring this year, She Wants Revenge is slated to drive UCSB students out of control in an Oct. 20 performance. Rising from obscurity to indie stardom in only two years, She Wants Revenge are looking to delight their established fans and win new ones in Santa Barbara.
She Wants Revenge is oft compared to Joy Division, a comparison both apt and misleading. Songs like “Tear You Apart” bring back the thick, gloomy club riffs of goth rock bands like Bauhaus back in ’83, while others, like “I Don’t Wanna Fall in Love,” combine the catchy riffs with a command of synthesizers rivaling that of Ladytron.
She Wants Revenge consists of vocalist Justin Warfield and bassist/keyboardist Adam Bravin (call him “Adam 12”). Players in the Los Angeles music scene for at least a decade (Warfield put out a rap album as early as 1993), Warfield and Bravin began their collaboration in 2005, beginning what has been a two-year whirlwind success story.
She Wants Revenge emerged into popular consciousness with their singles “Out of Control” and “These Things,” garnering radio playtime and attention on Yahoo! Music and SPIN.com. In early 2006 they made a heads turn with their spooky music video for “Tear You Apart,” directed by none other than Joaquin Phoenix. Since their self-titled debut album (produced by the prolific Michael Patterson) She Wants Revenge have been extremely busy touring for the better part of 2006, performing at Coachella and Lollapalooza, opening for Depeche Mode, and touring with Placebo.
She Wants Revenge performs at the Hub this Friday, Oct. 20, at 8 p.m. The Archie Bronson Outfit and Neuromance will be opening. Tickets are $18 presale and $22 at the door.